Campaign traffic classfied as Typed/Bookmarked

marinau41120056 13-09-2019

Hi all,

it seems to be that most of my campaign traffic is classified as Typed/Bookmarked. What can be the reason for that? I know some but maybe there are more.

Let's have the following example:

10,000 visits on my website

50% of that is classified as Typed/Bookmarked

8,000 visits coming via a campaign ID

Can it happen that the CID is captured but the referrer not?

Thanks in advance!


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Another thing you'll want to check is internal URL filters. If they're set to just a period ('.'), then you'll want to delete that rule and add your own domain.


Dear Marina,

Can you checkout the Device Type contribution for your Campaigns? If it is Mobile, might be because they have come from Mobile Applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to reach the Campaign Landing page loaded in their Browser. While customer switch between Application to Browser, the details will be empty and bucketed under Typed/Bookmark. Thus it is important to tag your Campaigns with proper query string parameters and bucketed either under Paid or Organic. Cheers!

Thank You!



Hi Marina,

If you are looking into  referrer, referrer type, and referring domain report to compare traffic source it may be misleading. e.g. Adobe will record referrer type as "other websites" (your campaign of affiliate site or may be email) in first hit of the visit but if user leaves site and return before visits ends by typing site url will overwrite referrer type with "Typed/Bookmarked".

Note : The referrer, referrer type, and referring domain are set on the first hit of the visit, or during a visit when the referrer is external (for example, if a visitor leaves your site, uses a search engine, then returns to your site before the first visit expires). These values are set at the same time and persist across the visit.



lysianed7292159 23-09-2019

Un autre point qui explique pourquoi on a beaucoup de data sous

''Typed/Bookmark'' dans Adobe. D'où l'importance de bien tracker les

campagnes et différencier le paid de l'organique.

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On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 6:42 PM PratheepArunRaj <>

marinau41120056 20-09-2019

Hi Asheesh,

thanks for the explanation! I think that can be the case for some users but that shouldn't be the case for most users. Are there any other reasons which could be relevant?