Business Practitioner Exam Prep: How long do the Required videos take?

susan_appleton 29-03-2017

I am preparing a team to study for the Analytics Business Practitioner exam.  I want them to watch all of the required Foundation training videos and do the activities. Since I did this over a long time frame last year, I don't know how long the courses actually take if you focus on it. Does anyone have a total video time estimate?

Thank you!

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Susan,

Welcome to the Community. It would be great to introduce yourself to the members here.

Well the time for preparation depends on individual. But if we have to make an estimate assuming its a focused study and the person already has working knowledge of Analytics, I would say 7 days of effort would be enough to go through the content. Some people around me have done that in 4 days too. 🙂

I am sure the people in your team would have questions while they are preparing for the exam. It would be a good idea to suggest them to ask their queries on this community, as there are experts here who can happily answer them.


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Answers (2)