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vassiliosk 23-10-2019

I am trying to breakdown my visits using 3 dimensions, let's say countries, cities, and day of week.

I add countries as the 1st dimension, then select all countries and add cities to all of them automatically.

Is there a way to add the 3rd dimension across all cities with just pulling 'time of the week' once or do I have to do for each country separately by selecting the different cities of the country each time?

In the following screenshot, can I select all the cities in Australia, all the cities in China, all the cities in Germany, etc.  and add 'time of the week' to all at once?


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Answers (2)

vassiliosk 23-10-2019

Not really because what I want to do is to add the 3rd dimension across all cities AND across all different countries (Australia, China, Germany) without having to go one by one country.

Eric_Vidana 23-10-2019

Not sure if this speeds up the workflow at all, but you can cmd (or ctrl) click each of the cities, then right click and breakdown on the dimension that you are looking for.