Analytics API 2.0: How to Apply Segments When Creating Calculated Metrics?

carolinew371713 18-12-2019

Hello all,

I am trying to move from the 1.4 API over to the 2.0 API.

When using the [POST] /calculatedmetrics endpoint in 2.0 to create a new calculated metric, I can't figure out how to apply a segment to my calculated metric definition.

In 1.4, I was able to define the "segments" array inside the "definition" parameter for the calculated metric. Now it seems that this is no longer the case.

I can't find anything relevant to this in the documentation, so does anyone know how to achieve this in the 2.0 Analytics API?

Analytics API api2.0 calculated metrics Segments swagger

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never tryed myself, but I would do the following: open analytics, create a calculated metric (with segment) and save. now inspect network traffic to see the "save request", within the request you can see how to apply the segment ...