Advertising Analytics - AMO Classification Issue

brettf35967596 25-09-2019

Hi - We have implemented Advertising Analytics for Adobe Analytics and the AMO ID and respective metrics are coming through as expected (AMO Impressions, AMO Cost, AMO Clicks, etc).  The issue we have is that the AMO classification variables (Account, Ad Type, Keyword, etc) are not being set and are all showing 'unspecified'.  I searched all the documentation and help files and do not see any set up or configuration steps that we may have missed.  Everything leads me to believe that this classification is set up by default upon configuring the report suite.  Any help would be appreciated.

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I would suggest to contact ClientCare - there seems to be something wrong. the only case where it didn't work for me were google display ads (setup in the same google ads account but they are not search ads!)

brettf35967596 30-09-2019

The parameter is on the links and is getting assigned to the AMO ID.  We are also able to see Occurrences and other Metrics for the AMO ID such as Cost, CPC, etc.  The only issue we have is the other AMO variables (classification) are not getting assigned.


have you selected manual or automated appending of the query string parameter? basically all traffic that arrives from the google ads account should have an additional parameter "s_kwcid". what you can do to check:

a) create a table and see if you have "AMO ID" with "occurrences"? if there are no occurrences, you have an issue in tagging the links in the ad account

b) create a processing rule and write the parameter "s_kwcid" in a prop. just to see if you really do not get any values on the incoming links

if you have occurrences and you have waited some days after setup and the first incoming traffic, reach out to CC to check the setup in the backend