Adobe tracking ok on Dev not on Production

kbsa41446373 09-04-2018

We have DTM - I have a set of 3 eVars that work on a staging environment but they do not work on the live environment.  The tracking is showing up in the debugger (Omnibug) in the right place, but it is not showing up in the report suite.

The FULL URL is over 2000 characters - is that an issue?  It is under 2000 in the dev environment

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

pabloc82923542 11-04-2018

I have seen where users in Prod or Dev reports suites have setup evars, props or custom events in one but not the other. Make sure you have duplicated then across all report suites you want to see them populate in.

Go in to admin under report suite check there for each type. If not there then add them.

Good luck

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

nikitaf2673776 10-04-2018

Silly question, but have you pushed your DTM rules to the production library?

When you're testing in your production environment, what DTM library are you testing with? Are you familiar with the DTM Switch? Launch and DTM Switch - Chrome Web Store

kbsa41446373 10-04-2018

No, the FULL URL is not being used in an e.Var.

The URL and Evars are only populated after a lengthy form.  I was hoping someone would just have some recommendations.  The tracking IS working in Staging but NOT in Production.


Dear Kb,

eVar char length is 255 characters.

Are you capturing anything related to FULL URL in the eVars you have specified?

If you can share the public URL and the eVar Names, we can help you better.

Thank You