Adobe Analytics and GDPR

ioamaf 11-06-2019

Hi all,

We are trying to implement the opting out of cookies section on our website. After discussing with many of the team members I am still trying to understand how this will/should affect our tracking.

As I understood, there is a regulation that says you cannot track a user without his consent, no matter if the tracking is not storing any personal data/ identifier and the actions are in this way not connecting to a person. This is something for the legal to clarify time but I would be grateful to see other's people experiences too... Are you still tracking clicks on CTAs if the user opts out? Or you block tracking at all?

Now my real question, since the main idea is for the user to opt out of cookies: Is Adobe Analytics working without cookies? We've tested blocking all the cookies related to analytics and I can still see the satellite calls in the console, so maybe I am misunderstanding this... but would that still work without the user storing any cookies?

I've seen that in DTM there is an option called Enable EU Compliance. Can someone explain how that should be correctly used? I understand it would block all analytics.

Any information is much appreciated!!

Thank you,


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  • Adobe Analytics uses cookies for various purposes, and one of them is to identify the visitor
  • if the cookies are blocked and the implementation is not leveraging s.visitorID, then the visitor identification would be inaccurate as it will be based on a combination of HTTP headers (review this page for more info Setting Analytics and Experience Cloud IDs)