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sharon19403573 04-09-2019

What do you find is the easiest debugger to use? I used to use HttpFox and thought that was great - showed a page firing and e.g., if multiple page views firing on a page - this would show up. The new Adobe Analytics debugger I feel is too large and a bit cumbersome. Not sure what the numerous number of columns mean - does that mean there are that many, e.g., page views firing?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Adobe Experience Debugger plugin provide all the server call triggered for the Experience cloud solution. To narrow down to a specific solution, you can do the filter by Solution and see the specific solution which are given color legends to represent. Columns of server represent all pageview and link click calls.


Answers (9)

Answers (9)


Use the network tab of your browser.

Filter by b/ss and you should see all Adobe Analytics server calls. (should be under Params)

See this :

Packet analyzers

You can find the list of the query params and what they mean here Data collection query parameters


The classic debugger will only display GET requests. Any requests sent using POST will not be displayed.

If you are using AppMeasurement.js and VisitorId services, if the server call go over a specific length it will automatically be send using POST.

I still think using the network tab of the developer tools of your browser is the best way.

You can also do the following to see the Adobe server calls in your console.

Add the following:


sharon19403573 12-09-2019

Yes! And simpler and easier to understand pretty quickly without having to scroll through through columns and columns. How did you get the "classic" debugger?

mitchell_an 12-09-2019

I  like  the  "oid" "classic" Digital Pulse bookmarklet debugger  myself because  the  new debugger  injects a lot of extra nonsense  into  the page and  sometimes this causes conflicts.  I'm becoming more  of  a purist of late, and I also  like  using the browser inspector  Network tab.

tmhurst88 09-09-2019

The chrome extension "Launch and DTM Switch Offered by: Search Discovery" has been a lifesaver for me, used in conjunction with "Debugger for Adobe Analytics Offered by: Tomas Balciunas"

ltaparia 06-09-2019

Hi sharon19403573 , You need to understand the differentiation between page view and custom link request. Only then you can interpret any debugger properly.


You can also take a look at the "Analytics" Tab.  It is geared more toward just debugging for Analytics.  That will give you an idea of what hits are being fired.  From left to right is the order in which the hits are being sent.  On the Analytics Tab it will also show you whether the hit is a Custom Link hit or a Page load hit by looking at the "Link Name" column.

sharon19403573 05-09-2019

I narrowed down to "Analytics" and saw the home page and all the variables (guessing these are the variables that fired?). Clicked and went to another page and 3 more columns opened. Two of the columns came from the home page and the 3rd is the page I went to. Looks like the 1st two columns are both actions on the home page (both had Page Name as homepage). 1st of the two columns had the "Link URL" that was the next page I went to; and the 2nd had the link clicks. Does it always show different columns for each item that fired? This does NOT mean, e.g., 2 page views fired - correct? We've seen that before where multiple page views were fired for the same page (via HTTPFox). The 3rd column had the variables for the page I went to.

Going to another page from there popped up 4 more columns. Each had slightly different variables for the page I left, with the 4th page being the page I went to.

Am I interpreting correctly?