Activity map server calls on non-Activity Map enabled report suites?

cgullestrupNord 07-02-2018

Activity map is part of standard tracking script and I can see that it sends server calls. When I look in the documentation, then the only way to disable Activity map is by removing the functionality in the script:

" Stopping Activity Map Link Tracking "

My question is, as long as "Activity map" remains disabled on the report suite, then my assumption is that Activity map server calls are discarded and then *not* counting towards our license. Or should we disable Activity map in the tracking script in order for us to remove the impact on our license?

Thank you in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


There are technically no dedicated activity map calls. They all piggyback off of regular server calls, so as long as it's disabled in the UI, you do not need to worry about license violations.